Kayak Paddles

We can all agree that kayaking is a fantastic way to get outside and enjoy nature, but having the right kayak paddle can be the difference between a beautiful afternoon and a grueling chore

Our Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddle Solutions

There's lots of talk about kayak paddles nowadays. There's a variety of styles and many opinions on what’s best. Some say a kayak oar doesn't matter and others say it does. Many times it depends on the type of kayak you own and the type of paddling you'll be doing. 

For the sake of argument, we're going to say that carbon fiber kayak paddles are the way to go. They're smooth, lightweight, easy on your arms and shoulders, and typically make the entire kayaking experience that much better.

Our store has the carbon kayak paddles you need at a fraction of the cost of similar types of paddles. Add in a paddle storage rack and a kayak paddle leash and you'll be ready to go in no time.