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  • Better made than the one at Walmart, and the same price. Consider tying the rope to the bottom of the anchor, and put a ziptie from rope to top, if it gets stuck in a rock a hard pull will break the tie, and the rope may then drag the anchor out backwards.

    Richard W. Schultze

  • I don't write many product reviews and usually don't buy anything that hasn't been reviewed yet. Anyway, decided to take a chance on these paddles and bought two of them. Very happy to say that they are the real deal. My reasonably accurate postal scale shows them to weigh 34oz. The paddles I received compare favorably with the only other carbon shaft paddle I own, a Bending Braches, that I paid more than twice as much for.


  • I am on the water RIGHT NOW crabbing in my kayak and this anchor is keeping my boat in place perfectly- I was skeptical when I felt how light it was but my boat hasn't moved - love this anchor!

    Karen R.

  • I have a Yamaha wave runner...fits perfect in my storage compartment.....Very satisfied.

    Robert Fowler

  • Worked awesome in the middle of a hug lake and wind blowing. Kept me and my kayak in the same spot while I fished

    David Greenleaf

  • Very effective and well made anchor for a Kayak. Delivery was very fast. Customer support is incredible.

    Ernest Loesser

  • Best little anchor ever!....Comes complete...easy to use and throw...holds our two seater Cayman just fine in strong current.

    William Alex Jones