• Better made than the one at Walmart, and the same price. Consider tying the rope to the bottom of the anchor, and put a ziptie from rope to top, if it gets stuck in a rock a hard pull will break the tie, and the rope may then drag the anchor out backwards.

    Richard W. Schultze

  • I am on the water RIGHT NOW crabbing in my kayak and this anchor is keeping my boat in place perfectly- I was skeptical when I felt how light it was but my boat hasn't moved - love this anchor!

    Karen R.

  • I have a Yamaha wave runner...fits perfect in my storage compartment.....Very satisfied.

    Robert Fowler

  • Worked awesome in the middle of a hug lake and wind blowing. Kept me and my kayak in the same spot while I fished

    David Greenleaf

  • Very effective and well made anchor for a Kayak. Delivery was very fast. Customer support is incredible.

    Ernest Loesser

  • Best little anchor ever!....Comes complete...easy to use and throw...holds our two seater Cayman just fine in strong current.

    William Alex Jones

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