6 Reasons You Don’t Own A Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddle

6 Reasons You Don’t Own A Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddle

There's lots of talk about kayak paddles nowadays. There's a bunch of different styles and everyone has an opinion on what’s best. Some say it doesn't matter and others say it does. Many times it depends on the type of kayaking you'll be doing. 

For the sake of argument, we're going to say that carbon fiber kayak paddles are the way to go. They're smooth, lightweight, easy on your arms and shoulders, and typically make the entire kayaking experience that much better.

So why don't you own a carbon fiber paddle? Here's 6 reasons why?

Reason 1. You’re New To Kayaking 

We would say that 90% of people fall in this category. You’re new to kayaking and you don’t know much about kayaks, never mind paddles. A kayak is a kayak and a paddle is a paddle. How can one paddle cost $30 and another can cost $500?  It doesn’t make sense, but there is a big difference. You simply haven’t paddled enough to know yet.

Reason 2. Your Kayak Came With A Paddle

You purchased a new kayak and it already came with a paddle. How do you know if the paddle they included is carbon fiber? If you bought your kayak from a retailer and they didn't discuss the type of paddle included, chances are your paddle is aluminum or fiberglass. There’s nothing wrong with aluminum or fiberglass. They're perfect paddles for beginners, but they're heavy. Once you experience a carbon fiber paddle, you’ll definitely notice the difference.

Reason 3. You Don't Kayak Enough

Many people fit in this category. You enjoy kayaking, but you only go a few times a year. Even if you understand the difference between aluminum and carbon fiber, for the amount of times you kayak, it doesn't make sense to spend money on an expensive carbon fiber paddle? We understand, but a nice carbon fiber paddle might make you want to kayak more than a few times a year. Just saying!

Reason 4. You Inherited A Paddle

“My father used this paddle 20 years ago and it’s completely fine”. If you’re in this category, you’re on your own. You’ve convinced yourself that antiques are fully capable of doing the job. We’re not saying you’re wrong. My grandfather’s typewriter is amazing as well, it just seems to be lacking certain features that newer technology has to offer. I'm sure older paddles are unique and memorable in their own way, but if you’re looking for a smooth relaxing paddling experience, chances are a twenty year old paddle is past its prime.

Reason 5. You Enjoy Heavy Paddles

Believe it or not, some people actually prefer heavy paddles! We have no arguments here. If that’s your thing and you enjoy it, paddle on! To each his own. Just keep in mind that it's ok to adapt. Sometimes newer technology is better. Don’t fight it, accept it. Haha

Reason 6. They’re Too Expensive

This is the most common complaint we hear about carbon fiber kayak paddles. They’re too expensive. Listen, we get it. There’s some big name companies out there that are selling carbon fiber paddles for $200, $300 even $400. We’re not going to lie, their paddles are amazing! They are truly awesome paddles. But unfortunately, they’re out of most people's price range. 

You just paid $500+ for your kayak and now you’re supposed to pay $250 for a paddle? This is the predicament many people find themselves in, and this is the reason we came out with our own BEST Marine & Outdoors Carbon Fiber Paddle for only$100. 

Our paddle is made with a carbon fiber paddle shaft with reinforced fiberglass blades. The shaft is extremely lightweight and has a soft, gentle feel in your hands. The blades are narrow and strong, and perfect for long journeys and effortless smooth strokes. 

With a total length of 234cm and weighing in at only 33.5oz, our paddle is perfectly designed for the majority of recreational kayakers. 

Best of all… it's a fraction of the cost compared to similar paddles.

We truly believe this is the best bang for your buck!

The feedback and reviews we’ve been receiving from our customers has been nothing short of extraordinary! 

If you’re looking to trade in your old aluminum paddle for a high quality carbon fiber paddle at a fantastic price, we highly recommend our BEST Marine Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddle!


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